There is no broader nor more exciting department than wines to share with our customers.  Ranging from tart, bitter austere dry wines too luscious, rich, full-bodied sweet dessert offerings there is a taste to meet every palate.  Finding that exact match is what makes searching the endless types of wines the most fun.  We have been determined since our inception in 1967 to provide our customers the widest selection and variety of wines possible.  With sweet wines our specialty we offer countless options of every imaginable wine variety.  It is with great confidence that our staff can help you select the perfect wine for your special occasion.  Weddings, graduations, picnics, parties or whatever the occasion we have what you want.  Discounting is always available on larger orders, and we are extremely proud to offer great deals every day on many items but especially in-store exclusives like local favorites from Hawk's Mill, Wollersheim's and Bailey's Run. Imported Windisch Dornfelder and the incredible value wines from the Crane Lake Winery are always customer favorites! Cheers!

We are very proud to offer the Green County's finest selection of distilled spirits.  Catering to all tastes, types and sizes our ever expanding liquor department is poised to meet each and every customer need.  In addition, there is always experienced sales staff on hand to help you plan your party and find all the fixings needed for your favorite Old Fashion, Daiquiri, Martini, Manhattan, Margarita or Secret Cocktail.

Whether your tastes lean toward hard to find specialty liqueurs, national name brands, regional oddities, long-lost favorites or money saving generic substitutes be confident we have what you are looking for.